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How to control skidding? - image

How to control skidding?

There are two basic types of skidding: the first one is oversteering (i.e. skidding with the back of the car being pushed outside the road curve as a result of lack of grip) and understeering (when the same happens to the front wheels).

What should be done when at entering a road curve the back wheels lose grip and the car starts to turn around the front wheel axis? A good way to control this is to turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the wheels are skidding towards.

Most cars are equipped with front wheel drives and must thus fight understeering, i.e. when entering a road curve, the car does not turn or does not turn enough as compared to the steering wheel’s movement. What should be done in such a situation? Firstly, slow down, keeping the steering wheel turned until the car slows down to a speed at which it regains grip. Bear in mind that the smaller the curve, the more likely is this manoeuvre t...