LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. is a leader in the industry, with more than 22 % of shares in the market. The LOTOS engine oils are well–recognized by drivers not only in Poland, but also abroad. Their high quality and reliability mean they are the product of choice for the most discriminating customers, making LOTOS the best-known brand on the Polish oil market.

LOTOS oils have been awarded with “Złoty Laur Konsumenta” (Customers Golden Laurel) for the best Polish engine oil.

LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. is a joint-stock company and a member of the Capital Group Grupa LOTOS Sp. z o.o., which is a dynamically developing concern managed in accordance with the modern standards. The Group’s activities include oil extraction and processing, as well as the distribution and sales of a wide range of oil products.

The LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. commercial activities comprise the production and distribution of lubricants: automotive and industrial oils and greases, base oils, and also automobile cosmetics and chemicals.

LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. offers not only top-quality motor oils but develops a professional oil service as an integral part of its range of services. The Oil Service helps customers introduce new procedures and technologies, providing safe operation of the machinery fleet.

The entire manufacturing process is compliant with the Quality Management System compatible with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. can take pride in the quality management system certificate consistent with the requirements of the AQAP 2110 system. It means that products of LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. meet the requirements and criteria, which have been laid down by NATO for all NATO forces suppliers and companies operating in this industry.


O firmie

LOTOS Oil is an environmentally-friendly company, market leader in its sector, attentive to continuous upgrading of employees professional qualifications and efficient utilisation of their knowledge, enjoying customers' and contractors’ trust.

We would like LOTOS Oil Sp. z o.o. to be perceived as a high-class provider of premium lubes and one of the companies highly regarded for:

- product quality,

- professional management,

- quality of service,

- work safety,

- environmentally-oriented activities.



February LOTOS brand has been awarded - Consumer Laurel 2015 in the category Motor Oils, which confirms their high awareness and value among Polish consumers.

April On the 1 st of April 2015 LOTOS Oil S.A. was converted into LOTOS Oil Ltd. by the District Court Gdańsk - Północ in Gdańsk, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register.

June Lotos Oil is the Forbes Diamonds prizewinner. LOTOS Oil was among the 13 companies from the region in the category "the largest Polish companies with revenue of over 250 million". Forbes Diamonds is one of the most important awards given annually to the Polish enterprises.


January LOTOS brand has been awarded - Consumer Laurel – LEADER OF THE DECADE 2014 in the category Motor Oils, which confirms their high value and awareness among the Polish consumers.

June TRANSMIL XSP oil has been awarded the European Medal. This is the first in the world market, mineral oil, which met the strict requirements of the Siemens / Flender Rev.13.

September LOTOS Oil received the title of “Ambassador of Polish Economy 2014” in the exporter category. The competition is organized by Business Centre Club under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


June LOTOS Oil launched a new product - TRANSMIL EXTRA XSP. This is the first in the world, mineral oil, which met the very strict requirements of SIEMENS / FLENDEAR Rev.13.

July New in the family: TURDUS POWERTEC 1100 SAE 15W-40 - the technologically advanced motor oil SHPD type.

August LOTOS brand has been awarded - Consumer Laurel - TOP BRAND 2013 in the category Motor Oils, which confirms their high value and awareness among the Polish consumers.

September New in the family: TURDUS POWERTEC 1100 SAE 15W-40 - the technologically advanced motor oil SHPD type.

September LOTOS brand has been awarded Good Brand 2013 – Quality, Trust, Reputation for TURDUS Powertec 3000 10W-40.This title is awarded to the best, most dynamic and recognizable brands in the Polish market. Having the Emblem acknowledges the status of the brand as a leader in the relevant industry, and is a confirmation of the highest quality brand inspiring confidence and having an undisputed reputation.

November The well-known international manufacturer of road and construction machinery company XCMG Europa joined the group of partners LOTOS OIL.

November LOTOS Oil launched a new product TURDUS POWERTEC 3000 10W-40, is one of the flagship oils dedicated for use in trucks and specialty vehicles.


June Publication of "Lubrication Guide – introduction to lubricant service"

August Beginning of distribution of Group II base lubricants.

December Refurbishment of TURDUS Powertec oil line and new TURDUS Powertec 5000 series (synthetic), 3000 series (semisynthetic) and 1000 series (mineral) oils emerging in the market.


April 4.04 Image advertising campaign launched for the LOTOS brand in the oil category, based on the alliance with the Subaru brand;

5.04 LOTOS brand awarded with the prestigious Business Superbrands title;


November  LOTOS Quazar motor oils awarded with the European Medal presented during the Business Centre Club gala, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

March Oil Maintenance Service of LOTOS Oil SA awarded with the European Medal by the Committee for European Integration, Business Centre Club and the European Economic and Social Committee.


June Market introduction of ultramodern LOTOS QUAZAR synthetic motor oils.

New LOTOS brand logo for the oil category.


October Title of the best refinery of 2008 in Central and Eastern Europe.

May LOTOS brand to be found among 20 best business brands in Poland in the “Business Superbrands 2007” ranking list.


March LOTOS Oil SA prepares a line of motor oils dedicated specifically for KIA cars. The oils are available solely in the maintenance network of the Korean-based producer.

May Volvo Swedish automobile concern approves the use of Turdus CNG 15W40 oil, manufactured by LOTOS Oil, in its motors powered with natural gas.


September LOTOS Oil SA receives the Environmental Management System certificate, compliant with the AQAP 2110 system requirements. The company’s products thus meet the requirements and criteria posed to all suppliers to the armed forces and companies of NATO.


June Turdus Powertec voted “Europroduct 2005”.

August The Gdańsk Refinery achieves yearly processing power of 6 million tonnes.


Market introduction of the new LOTOS Economic 5W/30 motor oil

ISO 9001 for LOTOS Oil.


January Launching of activities by LOTOS Oil.

June The Rafineria Gdańska SA name changes into Grupa LOTOS SA

October Market introduction of new LOTOS TRAFFIC motor oil and ultra-green LOTOS RED fuel oil.

November Market introduction of ultra-green diesel oil with 0.001% sulphur content.


Production of Lotos Gas and Lotos Zielony Ogród lubricating oils as well as RG Trans begins.

Incorporation of the LOTOS Oil SA commercial company


LOTOS Dynamic motor oil is launched.


Rafineria Gdańska is the first (Polish) company in petroleum sector to receive the Environmental Management System certificate, compliant with ISO 14001 requirements.


“Marinol” marine oils production launched.


LOTOS Syntetic motor oil production launched.


Production of the first Polish semi-synthetic oil “LOTOS Semisyntetic” begins


TURDUS motor oil production launched.


October Gdańskie Zakłady Rafineryjne [Gdańsk Refinery Works] transformed into Rafineria Gdańska SA [Gdańsk Refinery], a State Treasury Joint-Stock Company


Production of 5-litre plastic petrol cans is launched.

The first in Poland motor oil of the SG class, “LOTOS Mineralny” [LOTOS Mineral] production. It won the Gold Medal at the 54th National Fair “Autumn 90”.


Production of the most popular Polish motor oil, “Selektol Special”, is launched.

Compressor and gear oils production launched.


Selektol oils production launched.


December 12th. December 12th. First products are manufactured: petrol, petroleum and diesel oils.


April Construction of the refinery launched.

The company “Rafineria Nafty Gdańsk”, under construction, is incorporated.


March Government’s decision to launch in Gdańsk the construction of a refinery processing 3 million tonnes of crude oil per annum.