About the company

Satisfied customers in 84 countries around the world. Thousands of tons of oil supplied each year to the most demanding customers domestically and abroad. LOTOS OIL oils and lubricants are the epitome of proven, high quality, advanced solutions exceeding most stringent technological standards. LOTOS OIL products are recognized for their finest quality and reliability, they are also considered innovative and modern and on top of that - environmentally friendly. We are LEADERS in lubrication technology, and we are committed to providing LEADER's excellence.

Since the very beginning of our business, we have strived to win the trust of our partners. With the extensive exchange of experience, we can achieve our common goals. Consequently, our oils and lubricants are delivered to our customers across the Atlantic and the Pacific; from Panama to China. Our products prove to be effective even in extreme conditions; in freezing weather north of the Arctic Circle and boiling heat of Africa. We are recognized among the most important exporters to the Eastern markets, and we compete with biggest market players in the oil industry on global markets. These are the fundamental and lasting principles underpinning our strategy.

LOTOS Oil is a member of the LOTOS Capital Group operating in Poland, Norway and Lithuania. We are a part of a dynamically developing corporation specializing in crude oil exploration, production and refining, as well as distribution and sales of a wide range of petroleum products.

Through a network of its subsidiaries, LOTOS Group manages nearly 480 petrol stations in Poland, produces fuel and asphalt of excellent quality, and is also by far and away the market leader in the category of technologically advanced modified bitumen (MODBIT) on the domestic market.

The LOTOS Group Refinery is the second largest refinery in Poland with nominal annual processing capacity amounting to approx. 10.5 million tons of crude oil. In the world's most renowned rankings of refinery plants by Salomon Associates, Gdansk Refinery was ranked among the top 25% of best refiners in the world based on such key indicators of competitiveness as refining margin, energy efficiency, maintenance services efficiency and plant availability, and rated the most modern refinery in Central and Eastern Europe.

As we pay special attention to our customers' needs, follow technological developments and constantly monitor market changes, LOTOS Oil has become a leading manufacturer and distributor top quality automotive and industrial oils and lubricants, base oils, as well as automotive cosmetics and chemicals. This success is built on our excellent base oils from Gdansk refinery, advanced manufacturing technology, outstanding knowledge, experience and commitment of our staff and top quality additives. Owing to effective managed sales channels, we reach our end-customers with a perfectly tailored product offer.

LOTOS OIL offers a wide range of products of the highest technological parameters for automotive and machine industry. We guarantee that LOTOS engine oils are not technically compromised, but perfectly suited to the engine manufacturer's recommendations and driver expectations. The main product lines include LOTOS Quazar premium synthetic oils, LOTOS Synthetic oils with Thermal Control formula, an a range of mineral and semisynthetic oils for passenger cars. In addition, LOTOS Oil offer includes an assortment of Turdus mineral, semisynthetic and synthetic oils dedicated for trucks and special purpose vehicles.

LOTOS Oil provides a selection of Group I and Group II base oils, as well as a complete product mix comprising Hydromil, Transmil and Remiz - a full range of hydraulic, transmission, turbine and industrial lubricants, including 9 types of advanced SULFOCAL lubricants with calcium sulfonate - first used as oil component in Poland. In addition, LOTOS Oil offers also process oils produced using Quantuilus plasticizer and Emulsin - advanced machining liquids.