Oil Service

The professional LOTOS Oil lubrication oil service has been developed as an inherent part of the sales offer and as an important element of building the Company's competency and position in the industrial oils market. Such a service is a very valuable business advantage; a feature complementing and significantly extending our cooperation with customers in the area of lubrication. We help our clients introduce new procedures and techniques to ensure the safe operation of their machinery.

LOTOS OIL SERVICE includes not only servicing or changing oils or other operating fluids. We also offer advice, assistance in problem solving and optimization of lubrication management. For the past 10 years, LOTOS OIL SERVICE has been a major symbol of Kia Lotos Race. Each year and with each loop in the race, the racing champions and their technical teams experience not only the highest reliability of our oils, but also the knowledge and expertise of our specialists. The complete technical examination conducted by our Service before and after each race contributes to the outstanding results of our racing champions.

We provide programs for oil analyses, assistance in introducing new lubrication procedures and techniques, and perform oil audits. All these processes are aimed at reducing the total costs of maintenance and lubrication borne by our customers while ensuring the safe operation of their machinery.

Monitoring of oil condition is a particularly important measure of proper lubrication and a means of preventive maintenance. In all developed countries, technical examinations are considered an important preventive method of improving the operational safety. The popularity of such procedures is gradually increasing in Poland, and such services are becoming a prominent component of  commercial cooperation.