LOTOS R-3 Brake Fluid

This fluid is designed for hydraulic braking and clutching systems of vehicles, when the R-3 or DOT-3 class brake fluid is recommended in their instruction manuals. it possesses perfect operational properties. Boiling point temperature: above 225 C. It is miscible with other DOT-3 or R-3/205 brake fluids. It meets the Polish obligatory standards and the American FMVSS 116 (DOT-3) standard. It possesses certificate for the "B" trademark. Container: 0.6l, 4l, 30l.

LOTOS R-3 Brake Fluid

Available packages:

0.6l 30l


  • vehicles’ braking and coupling systems, in case of which the instruction manual recommends applying R-3 or DOT-3 class brake fluid.


  • perfect operational properties