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For many years, LOTOS Oil lubricants have been synonymous with proven, modern solutions, capable of meeting the most rigorous technological standards. Our oils are distinguished by excellent flow properties and viscosity, which protect critical parts of machines, devices and engines. A bundle of technologically advanced additives helps to reduce emissions, both at low and high temperatures.

Excellent base oils from the refinery in Gdansk, advanced manufacturing technology, the experience and commitment of our employees and the highest quality additives are what contributed to this success. LOTOS lubricants stand for reliability, innovation and modernity, and finally for technology and care for the natural environment.

The result is satisfied customers in 84 countries around the world, in different climatic regions and on virtually every continent, with thousands of tons of oils and greases delivered each year.

Since the beginning of the company's operations, we have worked intensely to build the trust of our partners through exchanging experiences and offering our experts’ support in the scope of technology and maintenance as well. Today, Lotos Oil oils and greases are delivered to customers all over the world - from the Atlantic to the Pacific - from Panama to China. We do not compromise on quality. That is why our lubricants perform well both in the extreme cold beyond the Arctic Circle and the extreme heat of Africa. We successfully compete with the world's largest oil industry players in many international markets. Export is an element of our strategy we have been consequently implementing.

LOTOS Oil is part of the LOTOS Capital Group, which has operations in Poland, Norway and Lithuania. We are part of a rapidly growing company specializing in the  exploration, production and processing of crude oil and the distribution and sale of a wide range of petroleum products.

The LOTOS Group, through its subsidiaries, manages a network of over 500 petrol stations in Poland and produces high-quality fuels and bitumen, including the most technologically advanced modified bitumen MODBIT.

The LOTOS Group refinery is the second largest in Poland in terms of nominal annual processing capacity - it amounts to approximately 10.5 million tonnes of crude oil. Solomon Associates, a company which compiles world's most important rankings of refineries, placed the Gdańsk refinery among the top 25% according to key competitiveness indicators such as: its processing margin, energy efficiency, effectiveness of maintenance services or installation availability. At the same time, it pointed to it as the most modern refinery in Central and Eastern Europe.

Carefully listening to the needs of our customers, following technological innovations and observing market changes, LOTOS Oil produces and distributes premium quality automotive and industrial oils and greases, base oils as well as car cosmetics and chemicals.

Thanks to the sales channels working efficiently we ensure quick access to the final customers with an offer ideally suited to their requirements.

From the very beginning, we have been accompanying customers who change their cars, yet still remain loyal to the LOTOS brand. It is a kind of trust that obliges us to constantly work on improving our products.

Today, just like 5 or 15 years ago, a driver can be sure that LOTOS engine oils have been developed without any technological compromises, fully meeting the recommendations of engine manufacturers as well as the customers’ expectations. The main product lines include LOTOS Quazar synthetic premium oils, LOTOS Synthetic oils with the Thermal Control formula as well as mineral and semi-synthetic oils for passenger cars.

We offer mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic Turdus oils to users of trucks and specialist vehicles used in various industry branches and the army.

Our offer is not limited to the automotive industry only. The LOTOS Oil portfolio also includes a wide range of products with the highest utility parameters and guaranteed technological quality for applications in the automotive, transport and various industry branches.

We supply group 1 and group 2 base oils, Hydromil hydraulic oils, Transmil gear oils as well as Remiz turbine oils to customers all over the world. We also produce industrial greases, including nine types of modern Sulfocal greases, in which - as the first company in Poland - we used calcium sulfonate. The offer also includes process oils manufactured with the use of the Quantilus plasticizer and modern processing fluids, such as the Emulsin line.