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The LOTOS Group and companies of the LOTOS Capital Group have won many prestigious awards and distinctions.

 The Golden Emblem - Quality International 2013

The TRANSMIL EXTRA XSP oil received the "European Medal" for the first mineral oil on the world market which meets the very strict SIEMENS/FLENDER requirements.

Teraz Polska 2017 (Poland, Now 2017)

TURDUS Powertec 5100 FE received an honourable title from the Teraz Polska (Poland, Now) foundation as the first synthetic motor oil produced by a Polish manufacturer of the SAE 5W-30 grade.

"Super Marka 2019 - Jakość, Zaufanie, Renoma!" („Super Brand 2019 – Quality, Trust, Prestige!”

LOTOS Oil company received a gold medal in the motor oil category.

 Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2020 (Consumer Quality Leader)

LOTOS Oil company received the Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2020 (Consumer Quality Leader 2020), golden emblem in the "Motor Oils" category.