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Heating oil Thermal  P32

Heating oil Thermal P32

Produced on the basis of deeply-refined mineral oils enriched with carefully selected additives. It is used as heat carrier, recommended for closed, pressure-free heating systems with oil circulation in liquid phase at maximum capacity temperatures up to 320°C and at maximum laminar temperature up to 340°C. Packages: 180kg



  • good thermal properties – high coefficient of heat exchange,good thermal stability and oxidation
  • resistant to sediment formation, viscosity degradation, good fluidity and low viscosity
  • facilitates the start-up of the system
  • provides high efficiency of oil circulation
  • long period of service without sediment formation or viscosity increase


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C   (mm²/s) 32
Flow temperature, max (ºC) <-30
Flash point (°C) 


Water content (%)  0,03