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LOTOS Green Garden 2T

LOTOS Green Garden 2T

Semi-synthetic high-quality and low-smoke oil recommended for blending or used separately (including lubrication of sawing machines), designed mainly for engines of garden equipment (lubrication of fast-rotating air or water cooled two-stoke engines of, e.g. mowers, chain sawing machines, circular sawing machines). This oil is recommended also for two-stroke engines of vehicles such as scooters. Recommended oil dozing concentration at for the purposes of blending – 2% or any other recommended by engine manufacturer. API TC • ISO L-EGB/L-EGC/L-EGD • JASO FB/FC • HVA 272 Packages: 100ml



  • ensures low smokiness of exhaust
  • reduces the emission and strenuousness of engine operation
  • decreases costs of low dosing concentration
  • improved work safety (long work intervals, few stoppages, lower service costs)
  • provides protection for engine components at higher speed, loads or high temperatures
  • ensures durability and cleanness of lubricated elements
  • prevents sediment and carbon deposit formation
  • minimal harmfulness for the environment
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 9,9
Flow temperature, max (ºC) <-30
Flash point COC, min (ºC) >70
Sulfated ash content <0,2