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Engine oils designed for high-pressure engines of motor trucks, delivery vehicles and buses, train engines, other land and sea units’ engines requiring high cleaning and neutralizing potential. These oils are designed for engines and applications in which the use of API CD class oils and proper viscosity class oils is permitted. Packages: SAE 10W: 26kg, 180kg, 1 ton SAE 30,40: 180kg, 1 ton SAE 10W/30: 1l, 5l, 180kg, 1 ton
SAE 10W: SAE 30 40: SAE 10W/30:



  • reduces engine components’ wear
  • prevents the formation of sediment and carbon deposit
  • provides dispersion and cleaning potential
  • prevents jamming of piston rings
  • has dispersion and neutralizing potential TBN >11mgKOH/g
  • takes carbon black and residues away from lubricated surfaces
  • has good oxidizing resistance
  • guarantees stable oil viscosity for engines at work
  • protects lubricated surfaces against wear
  • reduces the amount of additional portions of oil for maintenance purposes
API quality class CD
API quality class CD
API quality class CD
API quality class CD
SAE viscosity grade 10W/30
SAE viscosity grade 30
SAE viscosity grade 40
SAE viscosity grade 10W
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 10,8
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 11,8
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 15,1
Kinematic viscosity at 100ºC (mm2/s, cSt) 5.7
Viscosity index, min 134
Viscosity index, min 98
Viscosity index, min 95
Viscosity index, min 101
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -33
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -24
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -24
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -33
Flash point, min (ºC) 235
Flash point, min (ºC) 260
Flash point, min (ºC) 260
Flash point, min (ºC) 220
Base number (mg KOH/g) 11,53
Base number (mg KOH/g) 11,5
Base number (mg KOH/g) 11,4
Base number (mg KOH/g) 11,2