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Oil B for ceramic forms

Oil B for ceramic forms

Oil B for the ceramic forms is an anti-adhesive oil used in the ceramic industry, by producing the stoneware and semi-vitreous chinaware products and electro-technical porcelain as a mass ingredient. Thanks to the active oil functions it is easy to separate the form from the product, preserving its low porosity and high surface quality.




  • prevents adherence of the mass to the surface
  • protects the form surface against corrosion
  • prevents adherence of the mass to the form
  • when using the B oil for the ceramic products, the formed
  • products require only little cleaning
  • it can be applied as a spray


Kinematic viscosity at 20°C   (mm²/s) 4,6
Flow temperature, max (ºC) -25
Flash point (°C) 


Total Base Number (mgKOH/g)